Review Midgardsblot 2022

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Review Midgardsblot 2022

Midgardsbloat 2022

Have you ever had a Matryoshka dolls in your hands? Probably not. But like that, it was to me, Midgards. A discovery into another discovery into another discovery and still, are things to discover.

And the trigger was Heilung band which I wished to see them live, again. Why? That’s another story.

After some searches on the internet, I found out that they will play at Midgardsblot Festival, somewhere in Norway, in the country side.

Far away, I thought, even if is not that far from where I live, like how far is for many others who made it, already, for many years.

Judging by the photos and the stories which I found in my research, made me to think that, the effort is too big, the chance to be disappointment is fifty fifty, the weather can be tricky even if it’s in August and on top, Norway is not a cheap country. Of course, I didn’t know anything about the festival or anyone who’ve been there, to ask.

When I saw the Festival Line-up I was thrilled. Heilung, Wardruna, Kalandra, Eivor, Rotting Christ, Zeal & Ardor, Myrkur and so on and so on which made me to incline the balance and to start searching for more and more info.

And like that, I opened another doll, I found out about the Viking enter, and another one, the mounds and the festival.

I discovered the Midgardsblot community on FB which helped me so much with a lot of information, from traveling to what I can expect.

I strongly recommend to you, to join to the Midgardsblot Group and to the Midgardsblot Official Community Group, to read and ask anything you want to know related to Midgardsblot festival.

And yes, I made it, after months of planning and another awesome festival – Copenhell (Denmark), I’ve reach Midgardsblot in the beautiful Norway.

Should I say that I got in love with this festival? I did. How much? Well, enough to make it the only important festival to me, for the next year.

And yes, I’ve cancelled all the other festival plans to make Midgardsblot happen.

All my words don’t have to mean something to you, I encourage you to try it, make your story, your memories, by going there.

By seeing the photos which I’ve took, I hope that will help you to make the step to Midgardsblot, to your adventure.

I believe that you will discover a community which you couldn’t imagine and one of the best place where a festival could be for the love of people, music, history and nature.

And I still remember, that I was thinking, Midgardsblot is not for me =) Maybe is for you, too.

Midgardsblot, a festival like no other.

See you next year!

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