Summer Breeze 2016 AT THE GATES + 4 Bands bestätigt

Summer Breeze 2016 At the Gates

Weitere 5 Bands wurden noch vor dem Adventskalender für das Summer Breeze 2016 bestätigt. Mit dabei sind AT THE GATES, My Dying Bride, Feuerschwanz, The Word Alive und Cattle Decapitation.

Summer Breeze 2016 AT THE GATES bestätigt:

Summer Breeze 2016 At the Gates

AT THE GATES are veterans of Swedish melodic death metal, and the term “pioneers” can be applied without hesitation. They delivered the blueprint for the kind of riffs that constantly force you to headbang. Now the time has arrived: Gothenburg’s finest are coming to SBOA 2016.
Rarely has a band caused such a huge impact in the music world. Although ‚Slaughter Of The Soul‘ is already 20 years old, the soul-slaughtering winds have never diminished to become a light breeze. Instead, they kept growing, brewing up a warring storm that culminated in 2014’s ‚At War With Reality‘, which will make the SUMMER BREEZE stage tremor. There is something at the gates, come on in!
Quelle: AT THE GATES auf dem Summer Breeze 2016.

Summer Breeze 2016 My Dying Bride bestätigt:

Summer Breeze 2016 My Dying Bride

Playing doom since 1990, MY DYING BRIDE are the true definition of en evergreen. Already in 1995 guitarist Andrew Craighan said: “We have a certain group of subjects we usually write about: Sex, death and religion.” 20 years later, SUMMER BREEZE can proudly announce that songs with this subject matter will be presented on the Dinkelsbühl stage – dark, gripping and with a captivating charm, which MY DYING BRIDE have been exuding for over two decades.
Feel the sorrow, the pain, the damnation – MY DYING BRIDE have enough for everyone. If there was a measure for goosebumps, the abbreviation would be MDB! Measuring human emotions is one of the biggest challenges of the future, so let us start testing at SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl in August 2016.
Quelle: My Dying Bride auf dem Summer Breeze 2016.

Summer Breeze 2016 Feuerschwanz bestätigt:

Summer Breeze 2016 Feuerschwanz

Medieval folk comedy rock with mead, woman and song, that is FEUERSCHWANZ’s motto. Once more the band is calling to dance the ‚Drachentanz‘ at SUMMER BREEZE. Let’s hope there is no shortage of mead in the SUMMER BREEZE fairyland. The gleemen will fix it, don’t worry.
Medieval music with a humour component, that rocks! And when the throats are moistened with mead, there is nothing in the way of a wild dance. Saddle what needs to be saddled – fill what needs to be filled – SUMMER BREEZE is instigating a never-ending binge (‚Niemals Endendes Gelage‘) with FEUERSCHWANZ, so you better be there!
Quelle: Feuerschwanz auf dem Summer Breeze 2016.

Summer Breeze 2016 The Word Alive bestätigt:

Summer Breeze 2016 The Word Alive

A rollercoaster ride through massive breakdowns and soulful melodies – THE WORD ALIVE hit you with their singalong anthems, then grab you by the throat and throw you in the circle pits and walls of death. In order to survive the perfect spin cycle, the US boys reach out to you with their deep, honest lyrics.
Gripping, melodic metalcore meets a good note of hardcore, complete with a nice portion of chart-worthy melodies. Wow! After tours with scene icons such as PARKWAY DRIVE and WE CAME AS ROMANS, one thing has been clear for a while: THE WORLD ALIVE have come to stay in the modern metal and hardcore world.
Quelle: The Word Alive auf dem Summer Breeze 2016.

Summer Breeze 2016 Cattle Decapitation bestätigt:

Summer Breeze 2016 Cattle Decapitation

Idyllic California beaches, Baywatch and barbecues – not in CATTLE DECAPITATION’s world! The San Diego quartet’s already high quality has been further improved on the new album ‚The Anthropocene Extinction‘, reaching epic heights. Call it vertiginous death metal, gridncore or deathgrind, CATTLE DECPITATION take no prisoners.
Probably the most brutal animal rights activists in the universe, CATTLE DECAPITATION destroy everything, musically speaking, and stick their fingers deep into the wound of human conscience. On ‚The Anthropocene Extinction‘ they tackle a subject that will please all lovers of the extreme – the uncompromising extinction of all life – death metal! Don’t miss one of the band’s rare appearances in our country, and enjoy a climax of musical brutality and the crazy stage acting of frontman Travis Ryan!
Quelle: Cattle Decapitation auf dem Summer Breeze 2016.

Auch diese 5 Bandbestätigungen hauen mich jetzt persönlich nicht vom Hocker, wobei ich die meisten noch nicht kenne, also noch schöpfe ich Hoffnung ;)
Ansonsten mal sehen was der Adventskalender ab 1. Dezember für Bands hervorbringt.

Wie findet ihr die bestätigten Bands? Ist schon etwas für euch dabei?


Alle weitere Infos zum Festival findet ihr auf unserer Seite zum Summer Breeze 2016.

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